Chemical cleaning of pipes

We are specialized in chemical cleaning of vacuum toilet systems, freshwater pipes, central heating systems, heat exchangers and cooling systems etc.

We have developed a method of cleaning which makes the vacuum toilet system as good as new and without harming sealings or other parts. We use an acid which has been especially formulated to dissolve lime scale and urine scale in the pipes. The whole cleaning process is strictly supervised to ensure that nothing unforeseen disrupts the process. We continuously test the returned acid solution to make sure that the toilet pipes are 100% free from lime scale when we have finished.

We co-operate with global suppliers of acid, which ensures short time of delivery and our mobile equipment enables us to carry out any job world-wide. Our experienced service team is ready to take off anywhere and anytime.

An environmental solution that saves you time and money

  • Our team works quickly and professionally
  • Our cleaning prevents downtime
  • Our treatment is gentle and environmentally friendly
  • Our treatment provides optimal flow and saves energy

Lime scales and similar reduce flow and increase energy consumption, and at worst - could cause unplanned downtime. Our cleaning method is a faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to having to replace the pipes.

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Dry ice blasting

We carry out cleaning using dry ice and are able to solve even your worst cleaning problems such as: 

•  exhaust duct
•  kitchen galley
•  cooker hood
•  exhaust laundry

Dry ice is a 100% natural material, which successfully can be used to remove grease Build-up layers by a special cleaning method. Dry ice cleans very effectively with great results and is at the same time gentle to the material.
We carry out the ice blast cleaning with a robot unit and hand tools using only dry ice pellets. Our robot works both horizontally as well as vertically. The dry ice turns into gaseous CO2 during the cleaning process. The dry ice is furthermore odorless and without any poison / chemicals, which makes the cleaning method 100% fireproof.

The advantages of cleaning with dry ice are plenty:

•  Environmentally cleaning method with any chemicals
•  The cleaning can be carried out on-site. Our equipment is easily send to location.
•  Time and money saving - no preparation and disposal afterwards.
•  Efficient and gentle on the material
•  100% fireproof
•  Odorless

We work professionally, and all work is documented with reports and photo material. Contact us for a free quote.


For more info contact:

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Peter Pallesen
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