Reconditioning of rudders and rudder arrangements

MarineShaft has extensive experience in renovating rudders and rudder arrangements. We perform the jobs in our workshop or on-site, though we never compromise on quality. All is as good as new after reconditioning - a quicker and more economical solution.

  • Line boring of rudder bearings
  • Machining of all types and sizes of cones in rudder blades
  • Manufacturing and reconditioning of bearings
  • Renewal of complete rudder arrangements
  • Mobile machining

Complete repair solutions

As your sub-contractor for rudder repairs you are guaranteed a competent sub-contractor who can provide complete repair solutions and carry out all required tasks including on-site machining and refit. Please have a look at some of our references below. Our purpose-built container with machining tools can easily be send to location.


Qualified to carry out grand repairs


Contact our senior project manager

Allan Nielsen
+45 96 56 02 02
+45 24 25 31 04


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