Onsite repair of propeller blades and fixed propellers

MarineShaft performs onsite repair of all types of propeller blades in stainless steel and bronze, and our welding procedures are class approved by all the major classification societies.

  • Class-approved repair and welding of damages to your propeller blades

  • We stock raw materials for fast manufacturing of a new blade material

  • We provide casting of new blade tips 

  • Grinding and polishing of propeller blades

We ship equipment to any location and a flying team of certified welders stand ready to travel with short notice.

 if you have specific technical questions, our senior project manager and welding specialist Peter Pallesen is ready to assist you.

Our certified welders are ready to take off with short notice

Contact our senior project manager

Peter Pallesen
Senior Project Manager

+45 96 56 10 21
+45 24 25 22 61


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