Wärtsilä Seals & Bearnings

As an authorized distributor of Wärtsiläs Seals & Bearings we are able to offer our customers a complete solution. We have material in stock to lower downtime, and give our customers the best and fastest solutions. We assist with technical support and professional package installations.

  • Stern-tube and Rudder Seals
  • Stern-tubes and Bearings
  • Bulkhead Seals
  • Generator Bearings
  • Line Shaft Bearings and Rudder Bearings
  • Waterjet Seals
  • Pod & Thruster Seals
  • Hydraulic Couplings, Nuts and Bolts
  • Intermediate Thrust Bearings
  • Water Supply, Quality & Conditioning systems
  • Rudders, Nozzles, Steel Fabrication

The products are environmentally friendly and approved by the classification societies.