About MarineShaft

MarineShaft is located in Hirtshals Denmark on three locations with more than 9000 m2 workshop facilities from where we assist customers from all over the world.

Our core business is class-approved cold-straightening of propeller shafts and rudder stocks. Our unique technique has been approved by all major classification societies as a permanent repair without any conditions. We keep a large stock of class-approved steel and can offer you manufacture of new propeller shafts and rudder stocks with very short delivery times.

We are specialized within:

Even the biggest deviations can be straightened

Even the biggest deviations can be straightened. After straightening shafts are as good as new. Often a better straightness than that of a new shaft has been achieved after straightening by MarineShaft. We often obtain a straightness of 0.05 mm or better on even very big shafts. We have straightened shafts with a diameter more than 1,000 mm and with lengths more than 25,000 mm. Some of these shafts have been bored for push/pull rod. All shafts fully approved after straightening by the involved classification society.

Machine capacity

We have the experience and the equipment that enable us to solve any problem our customer may have with the propeller equipment or rudder arrangement. We are able to handle even very large dimensions.

With our purpose-built equipment that can press with up to 6,000 tonnes, and many years of experience, we are able to straighten shafts of all sizes - from 20 mm to more than 1,000 mm in diameter.

Workshop extension

We are extending one of our workshops with 1400 m2 and expect the workshop to be ready and in operation in early 2021.


Real people – proud to deliver best-in-class repair

We have a well educated team of service engineers, propeller specialists and certified welders, who all carry out their work with great pride and commitment and they are ready to start out wherever and whenever called.